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2024: Volume 3, Issue 1

Stab Chest with Diaphragmatic Rupture and Herniated Stomach

Ammar Abdarasol Mohamed Abdallah*

Nile College, Sudan

Corresponding Author: Ammar Abdarasol Mohamed Abdallah, Nile College, Sudan; Email: [email protected]

Received Date: October 10, 2023

Publication Date: March 08, 2024

Citation: Abdallah AAM. (2024). Stab Chest with Diaphragmatic Rupture and Herniated Stomach. Cases. 3(1):15.

Copyright: Abdallah AAM. © (2024).


This is single case report form surgical department to show the importance of early detection of herniated abdominal content and the confusion that may took place between the appearance of not well centralized chest X-ray and the appearance of herniated abdominal content into the chest cavity. The case of a 14 years old male whom was a victim of stab chest with herniated stomach, gastric injury and presence of GI content in the chest cavity. Written ethical approval was taken from both biological parents. This case has been chosen because of I interest in the complexity of the case and confusion in the final diagnosis

Keywords: Surgery case report, Stab chest, Diaphragmatic rupture, Gastric herniation, Stab in pediatric

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